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International Endeavors Corp. Enters Multi-Billion Dollar Global Glamping Industry With Eco-Friendly Resort

NEW YORK, NY, Sept. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — International Endeavors Corporation (“IEC”) (OTCMKTS: IDVV) has entered the wildly popular and fast-growing global “glamping” market with the opening of its first eco-friendly, social distancing glamping resort located in the picturesque Temecula Valley Wine Country (www.GlampingTemecula.com).  IEC’s move into the industry is well-timed as more people in the U.S., Canada, and around the world are relishing the outdoors and camping, and more specifically, discovering glamping.IEC began its push into the lucrative arena when the company entered into a partnership agreement with Eco-Camps (www.Eco-Camps.com).   And the move was none too soon as according to Grand View Research, the size of the global glamping market, which was valued at $2.1 billion just two years ago, is growing exponentially and is expected to more than double to $4.8 billion by 2025 as the industry enjoys ever-expanding demographics.So, what is glamping?  It’s camping that incorporates luxuries and amenities not normally associated with traditional camping but set in a natural environment among wide-open spaces usually with scenic backdrops, or more simply put, it’s “glamorous camping.”The company’s initial glamping resort, opened under the partnership with Eco-Camps, is a rural resort nestled on six acres of IEC-owned real estate in the beautiful Temecula Valley Wine Country and features off-the-grid canvas cottages and micro-cabins, each with full bathrooms, showers, and eco-friendly amenities.  The property is comprised of both agricultural land and existing commercial structures in a prime Southern California location with easy access to Old Town Temecula and several popular wineries.  Because of the resort’s size and location, and Eco-Camp’s intellectual property, design, and operational methods, guests are able to enjoy a safe, social distancing travel experience during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.Additionally, the company plans to grow its operations in Temecula with further development of the property, including increasing the resort’s glamping accommodations so even more travelers can enjoy the retreat, and the creation of a small retail center that will include an outdoor café/bar and tasting room.IEC’s footprint in the global glamping industry will expand through its partnership with Eco-Camps, a company that is building and offering eco-friendly resorts and accommodations all over the world.  Eco-Camps, which also owns Eco Resorts of the World, a community of eco-friendly resorts and accommodations, is the leading provider of off-the-grid, eco-friendly, social distancing glamping.  Under the partnership, IEC and Eco-Camps have multi-year contracts for the operations and development of glamping properties within North America, including; Santa Barbara, CA, Caldwell, ID, Cooperstown, NY, and Coachella Valley, CA.  Additionally, through a long-term multi-year partnership with the luxury hotel company, Karma Group (www.karmagroup.com), the company is opening a 10-unit glamping resort within the grounds of a luxury chateaux near the Medieval walled town of Carcassonne, France.The overall experience of glamping is attracting a diverse group of campers at an alarming rate, and with COVID-19 dominating the news and limiting choices available to travelers, IEC and Eco-Camp’s resorts are the perfect destinations to enjoy both glamping and social-distancing at the same time.According to the fifth annual North American Camping Report, as camping itself becomes more popular, glamping has also continued to grow in popularity.  The report states, “The number of new camping households in the United States—those that camp at least once a year—grew by 1.4 million in 2018, reaching a new high of 78.8 million households.  Since 2014, the number of households that camp three or more times a year has dramatically risen 72%.”In the report, those surveyed show that the demographics are undergoing a shift in the diversity of those who are enjoying camping/glamping.  Demographically, while Millennials accounted for 56% of new campers and Gen-X’ers made up 25% of new campers in the most recent North American Camping Report, half of Millennials and nearly 50% of Gen-X campers are also interested in glamping, so IEC and Eco-Camps should see more interest in their resorts overall but should also enjoy a younger crowd for years to come.Grand View Research agrees, and in their report discussing the growing global market size of glamping, said that the “18 to 32-year old and 33 to 50-year old age groups make up more than 75% of the market share.”  The report cites “an increasing number of campers seeking a rough camping experience along with luxury amenities.”And, even while the country navigates the coronavirus pandemic, a “Special Report” in  the 2020 North American Camping Report titled, “North American Camping and the Effects of COVID-19,” states that campers and prospective campers are saying that they are now more likely to consider different types of accommodations as compared to pre-COVID-19, including nearly half of those people who currently camp in cabins or tents, and 23% of prospective campers are now “more likely to consider a glamping-type accommodation.”The future of glamping is clearly strong, and as projected by Grand View Research, a $4.8 billion market by 2025 makes IEC’s choice to travel down this lucrative path a potentially prosperous one.  The industry’s financial outlook combined with diverse demographics on the rise, should have the company’s shareholders celebrating a plan that is ideally timed and that takes full advantage of assets IEC already had in place.For more information about IEC’s resort, reservations, or to learn more about the precautions being taken for travelers to enjoy a safe experience during the pandemic, visit: www.GlampingTemecula.com and to learn more about Eco-Camps, visit: www.Eco-Camps.comAbout International Endeavors CorporationInternational Endeavors Corporation is engaged in locating and acquiring established companies, brands, and technologies in both the hospitality and green energy sector. 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