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This Bezos-Backed Platform Lets You Become A Landlord With Just $100

In the dynamic world of real estate investment, a standout player, Arrived, backed by Inc’s Founder Jeff Bezos, is reshaping the landscape. With a staggering $135 million in funded properties and the support of over 531,000 investors, Arrived offers a unique opportunity: owning shares in America’s prime rental properties starting at just $100.

The Investment Model That’s Captivating Investors Nationwide

Arrived’s business model is brilliantly simple yet effective. The company strategically acquires single-family rentals in burgeoning neighborhoods, allowing investors to buy shares in properties they trust. This approach leads to passive income from rent and potential appreciation of property value.

real estate offerings
Source: Arrived website

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Introducing the Single Family Residential Fund

Arrived recently unveiled the Single Family Residential Fund, a game-changer in real estate investment. This fund simplifies property investment, offering continuous availability and immediate diversification across a multitude of properties and markets. With new homes regularly added, this fund significantly expands diversification opportunities for investors.

Explore the Arrived Single Family Residential Fund Now

Arrived Single Family Residential Fund
Source: Arrived website

Real Estate vs. Stocks: A Historical Perspective

Historically, real estate investments have outperformed stocks, offering less volatility and consistent growth. U.S. real estate prices have seen annual increases between 5% and 12%, not to mention the steady rental income. Arrived’s rigorous selection process further tilts the balance in favor of higher annual returns.

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Source: Arrived website

Data-Driven Property Selection for Optimal Growth

Arrived harnesses the power of data science, combined with decades of market expertise, to identify properties with the highest potential for appreciation. The inclusion of local real estate agents’ insights complements their data-driven approach, ensuring a well-rounded property selection strategy.

Once identified, these properties are vetted by Arrived’s investment committee and made available online for investment.

Simplified Investing for the Modern Investor

Arrived’s platform is designed for ease, allowing nonaccredited investors to purchase shares in just a click. Say goodbye to the usual hassles of rental ownership; Arrived handles everything from maintenance to tenant selection, ensuring a steady and hassle-free income stream.

Source: Arrived website

Diverse Investment Opportunities for Every Investor

With options ranging from regular rentals for consistent income to vacation rentals for potentially higher returns, Arrived caters to diverse investment goals. Moreover, investors can minimize market risk by diversifying across 27 different real estate markets.

The Confidence of High-Profile Backing

Jeff Bezos’s significant investment in Arrived, both in early and later funding rounds, underscores the platform’s potential. Alongside Bezos, other notable investors like Zillow’s Spencer Rascoff, Uber’s Dara Khosrowshahi and Salesforce’s Marc Benioff have also placed their trust in Arrived.

Join the Community of Smart Investors

Already, over 531,000 investors have leveraged Arrived’s straightforward process to enrich their portfolios with promising real estate. The platform’s user-friendly nature simplifies the investment process, akin to purchasing stock shares through a brokerage app.

For those aiming to capitalize on the thriving U.S. real estate market without heavy investment, Arrived presents an ideal opportunity.

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