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Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston: The Future Giants of American Cities

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The Emerging Metropolis: Dallas-Fort Worth Set to Surpass New York and Los Angeles

The landscape of America’s largest cities is shifting. A recent study by moveBuddha, a renowned online moving platform, projects an astonishing future: Dallas-Fort Worth could outshine New York and Los Angeles in terms of population by 2100. With an anticipated population of 33.9 million for Dallas-Fort Worth and over 31 million for Houston, these Texas cities are poised to redefine urban America.

How These Predictions Came About

MoveBuddha’s eye-opening analysis, based on U.S. Census Bureau data from 2010 to 2020, extrapolates the growth rates of cities with populations exceeding 250,000. This method suggests that the rapid expansion seen in Sun Belt cities is more than a temporary trend.

The Sun Belt: A Magnet for Diverse Populations

The Sun Belt, stretching across states like Texas and Florida, offers a compelling mix of warm weather and affordable living. As people seek alternatives to the high costs in cities like Los Angeles and New York, the appeal of the Sun Belt’s no state income tax, lower housing costs, and pleasant winters becomes increasingly irresistible.

For instance, while the average home price in California hovers around $900,000, Texas boasts a more modest average of $515,000. This affordability factor, combined with the region’s pleasant climate, positions cities like Dallas and Houston as attractive destinations.

Climate Concerns and Urban Growth

While the Sun Belt’s climate is generally favorable, issues such as hurricanes and droughts present challenges. Dallas, however, with its inland location, may offer a safer haven from such natural calamities compared to its coastal counterparts.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities in the Sun Belt

The projected population boom in Dallas, Houston, and other Sun Belt cities like Atlanta and Phoenix signals a golden opportunity for real estate investors. The influx of people will increase the demand for housing, healthcare, retail, and storage facilities.

Investors might find it opportune to explore real estate investment trusts (REITs) or delve into real estate crowdfunding in these burgeoning markets. With sectors like housing, healthcare, and retail poised for growth, the potential for lucrative returns is significant, especially for those who invest early in these expanding markets.


While it remains to be seen if Dallas and Houston will indeed surpass the population of cities like New York and Los Angeles by 2100, the trend towards growth in these Texas metropolises is clear. For savvy real estate investors, this presents a chance to capitalize on a significant shift in America’s urban landscape.